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Mayo Clinic - Diagnosis and Treatment options.

Spinal Arteriovenous Malformations - A well documented report on Spinal AVM's

Aneurisym & AVM Support - A great place to read peoples experiences and stories or even share your own. (You can share your story with us as well and we'll make it available for everyone to read.)

CyberKnife Society (Arteriovenous Malformation) - A very informative site about AVMs. Similar to the information provided here at Spinal AVM Info.

AVM Info from Columbia.EDU - Informative site about AVMs. Similar to the information from CyberKnife and here at Spinal AVM Info.

Jennifer's Personal Spinal AVM Support Group - Discusses a lot about symptoms & spinal AVM experiences.

Stroke Network - Site for survivors of strokes, stroke advice, chat and more.

AVM Support -  Site for AVM survivors, AVM advice, chat, news & more. - More information about strokes.

CyberKnife Support - devoted group of CyberKnife patients, family, and friends who would like to offer our support to you during your CyberKnife experience.